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Husky Park Visit with Tiny Quarter (2 km) Husky ride

Experience memorable moments and trill of speed sitting pulled by a husky team! After the safari you'll get to know the other residents of the kennel.


Experience memorable moments and thrill of speed sitting pulled by a husky team!

Come and see the snowy forest and bog with the beautiful view! After the safari you’ll get to know the other residents of the kennel.

Available: 15.12.2024 – 31.3.2024 (or as long as we have enough snow)

Starting time: 13:00, 13:30, 14:00

Duration of the driving about 8 minutes

Price: 59 €/adult, 45 €/child (4-12 years). The price includes also the Husky Park entrance fee.

With the entrance fee you can stay at the park area as long as you like, petting the dogs and taking photos.

The dogs, real Siberian Huskies are loving their life at Husky Park. They love running from all their heart and they are eagerly waiting for some petting. These magnificent creatures are absolutely amazing, come and see for yourself!

We have been operating next to Santa Claus Village already for several decades. We are a family-owned company and we always try to pay special attention to dogs' well-being and natural needs. In Husky Park you can see how the dogs live, from feeding to taking off the harnesses. Come and feel the traditional atmosphere and enjoy the unique surroundings. We are open every day year round!

Our goal in Husky Park is that everyone enjoys themselves – the customers, staff and the dogs. We wish to provide a genuine and safe experience, assured by our professional, skilled guides. We have about 100 genuine Siberian Huskies, and we get puppies a few times a year. Our dogs are waiting for you to pet them! Welcome to enjoy wonderful experiences and charming dogs!

In the spring 2024, the expansion of the Park will begin and our area will be completely renewed and doubled in size next winter season. In addition, our customers will have twice as many indoor spaces in our area, including a cafe where you can enjoy both salty and sweet treats, with a husky theme, of course! The safari routes are also being renewed, but the lengths of the trips remained unchanged, as did our other activities!

Welcome to experience the renewed Husky Park in the winter season 2024-2025!

If you have any questions, please contact:

+ 358 44 755 7736 / office@huskypark.fi