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The Ultimate
Husky Experience

Come, see and live experiences you’ll remember fur-ever!

The enthusiasm of running dogs, the atmosphere of old days and the exoticism of Lapland. Meet the genuine Siberian Huskies, enjoy the environment and get thrilled by the speed of the sled!

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Our Programs and Activities

Husky Hugging

Come and get to know our lovely huskies even closer! We have a fenced area where you can pet and hug the dogs freely and enjoy their kisses.

Husky Park visit

Come and see the life in Husky Park! You can take photos, visit our beautiful park and meet the genuine Siberian Huskies.

What our customers say...

Happy Husky Ride

We enjoyed the husky riding very much. It was cold in winter and there was only 500 meter ride available on the day of our visit. There are 106 huskies in the park and each one has his/her own name. The ride was fast and fun!

Tinnythepooh – Tripadvisor