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Come, see and live experiences you’ll remember forever!

The enthusiasm of running dogs, the atmosphere of old days and the exoticism of Lapland. Meet the genuine Siberian Huskies, enjoy the environment and get thrilled by the speed of the sled!


Where are you, snow?

21.11.2018 – 14:05
No snow here yet, hopefully it
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It is getting colder!

26.10.2018 – 11:01
The weather is getting colder
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Only 100 days till Christmas!

15.9.2018 – 16:11
Can you believe, it is only 10
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The rides are possible again!

8.8.2018 – 11:15
Now it is not so hot anymore a
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Hot weather continues!!

17.7.2018 – 14:28
We have really been blessed wi
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Availability of routes

Jenga (500 m)  –  Open