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Are you tired of boring activities? Then you have not visited us.

The enthusiasm of running dogs, the atmosphere of old days and the exoticism of Lapland. Meet the genuine Siberian Huskies, enjoy the environment and get thrilled by the speed of the sled!

Husky activities Rovaniemi, Lapland
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Siberian Husky visit Husky Park Rovaniemi, Lapland

Husky visiting package

Come and see the life in Husky Park! You can take photos, visit our beautiful park and meet the genuine Siberian Huskies.

Why our customers come to us?

1) Amazing pure-bred Siberian Huskies

Discover the magic of Siberian Huskies – their striking eyes, boundless energy, and unwavering loyalty. Experience the life of these majestic creatures and forge an unbreakable bond.

2) Joy

When you get to cuddle, play, and kiss with the lovely Huskies, your day becomes automatically better. With photos and videos taken from this adventure, you will have life-lasting memories!

3) Learn about responsible musher culture

We’ve decided to do our part, and focus on building a sustainable and responsible business. It is of paramount importance to us to take good care of our purebred Siberian Huskies, whose well-being and natural needs have been given special attention.

What our customers say...

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We booked our 2 km Tour in advanced and were really curious. The tour was really great. The way through the snowy landscape was really wonderful. The dogs were amazing. We also used the time to get to know the dogs through the park. The dog hugging were also a highlight. The staff was friendly. IT WAS A PERFECT EXPERIENCE
Kimberly Cruz
Kimberly Cruz
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We had such a great experience at Husky Park. Our son loved the hugging session with the dogs and being able to pet them! Can’t wait to visit again so we can do the husky ride on the snow!
Marta Mateo Olivares
Marta Mateo Olivares
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Una experiencia INCREÍBLE! 🐺 Los perros se ven cuidados y felices y son muy cariñosos.


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