We're open every day: 11.00-15.00
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Park Info

We're open every day!

Spring (Feb 11th - Apr 30th)


Summer (May 1st – Aug 1st)


Fall (Aug 2nd - Nov 30st)


Winter (Dec 1st – Feb 10th)


Christmas season (Dec 15th - Dec 31st)


Ride info

Short rides (winter/spring)

The shorter rides and safaris (500 m, 2 km) don’t need any prior reservation, we are driving them non-stop during opening hours.

Longer rides (winter/spring)

Other safaris should be booked in advance.

Rides (summer/fall)

Rides available, weather permitting, around 13.00.



Please make a reservation in advance:

Gear up

Please wear warm clothes and shoes so that the coldness does not ruin this unforgettable experience for you.

Life of Huskies

Arctic Circle Husky Park has operated next to Santa Claus Village for several decades.

At the moment there are about 100 huskies in the park. And once in a while we’ll get puppies, so there is usually puppies or at least youngsters in the park. 🙂 

The focus of all operations in Husky Park are the dogs…

…Real, purebred Siberian Huskies, and special attention has been paid to their well-being and natural needs. This can be seen for example in fencing placing, which is unusual in this kind of operations, and also in dog feeding.

In Husky Park we don’t wake up hearing crow…

…but a sonorous howling of a husky choir.

For breakfast the huskies are given warm and fleshy soup, from which the day gets a good start. When the fencings have been cleaned, the huskies start a deafening yell, as all the dogs want to get to work. Huskies are born to run, and there is nothing more pleasant for them than to pull a sledge with friends. The dogs are fetched from the fencings one by one and harnessed in their own place in front of a sledge. The work day consists of safaris of different lengths, and the dogs can run 30-60 kms a day – quite many marathons a year! Huskies get a little snack between the safaris. When the day is over, the harnesses are taken off and the dogs are taken back to their own fencings, after which it’s time for their evening soup. The day ends just like it started – with “thank you and good night” howling.

Images from the Husky park