Summer is here!

The weather has been really nice here in Rovaniemi. Some days even a little too hot, at least if you ask the dogs. Dogs are enjoying their summer holiday most of the days, when the rides are not possible because of the hot weather. ☀ Our guides will define the situation daily and see that it’s not too hot for the dogs to run. Now in summer time we are open daily at 11-14 and at 12.00 we start the introduction of huskies and life in Husky Park. 😊 After this we offer the rides if they are possible that day.


Also Hiking with Huskies is something huskies really love to do! They enjoy to go for a walk to the beautiful forest nearby. There is also a little lake, where they can cool down. Not all of them like the water, but most of the dogs are waiting for the swimming part of this activity! This activity starts daily at 14.00. No reservation is needed for any of these activities in advance. 😊