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Responsible Jafar


We’ve decided to do our part, and focus on building a sustainable and responsible business.

 We’re already seeing the change on our winters and WE cannot just spectate.

It’s a long journey, but we’ll make it, together!

Welfare of the dogs

It is of paramount importance to us to take good care of our purebred Siberian Huskies, whose well-being and natural needs have been given special attention. The shelters are spaced out and our park is fenced. In this way, it forms a run for dogs during the thaw. In addition, the dogs are offered high-quality raw food, because high-quality food contributes to the maintenance of the dogs’ health.


Huskies are born to run, and there is nothing they like better than pulling a sled with their friends. The dogs are picked up one by one from the kennels and harnessed to their own place in front of the sled. The working day consists of safaris of different lengths, and a day’s travel can total 30–60 km. There are enough rest days even during the busy winter season. Our dogs are primarily workmates, living creatures that we value, and whose well-being is our number one priority.


We aim to support mental well-being by giving the dogs plenty of exercise and activities even in quieter times, as well as having social relationships with both people and other dogs. Your own safe and stress-free herd and a clean-living environment also support the well-being of the dogs.

Locality and domesticity
Locality and domesticity

We strive to maintain local culture and prefer local crafts, raw materials, and local food in our selections. Our employees and trainees are mainly local, and we have been awarded the Key Flag symbol in the spring of 2023. The Key Flag symbol in connection with the service indicates that the service employs people in Finland and that our company is domestically owned. We employ several year-round workers, as well as a few seasonal workers. This is how we ensure that the dogs always have familiar people around who know each dog and know how to read their gestures and expressions.

Nature, environment and sustainable tourism
Nature, environment and sustainable tourism

We consider the diversity of nature and the environment in all our activities and strive to protect it as best we can. We strive to reduce the amount of waste and to sort and recycle waste.


We are committed to preventing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and we work actively to promote sustainable development by constantly developing our operations and setting new goals every year.


Our goal is to obtain the Green Activities certificate during 2023. After this, we aim for Sustainable Travel Finland certification.


Key Flag, finnish service


The Key Flag symbol in connection with the service indicates that the service employs people in Finland and that our company is domestically owned.

Green activities


An environmental program intended specifically for nature entrepreneurs, Green Activities is a part of the globally-recognized and respected Green Key. 


Sustainable travel Finland


The Sustainable Travel Finland label makes it easier for travelers to recognize a tourism company and destination that takes sustainability seriously.