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Self driven husky safari – On the Skids through Arctic Circle (1 h)

Do you want to experience how it feels to stand on the sledge skids and control an enthusiastic husky team?

The guide gives you clear instructions before the start, and then you go! It is lots of fun to stand on the skids and see that it is not that hard. 🙂 In the halfway of the safari we stop to change drivers, and we can also make an additional stop to take pictures.

When we return to Husky Park, the guide will take you to our Kammi, an old Lappish building, and there you can have some warm juice and a cookie by the fire and hear some more about the life of huskies. You will also meet the other dogs in the farm, real Siberian huskies, waiting for you to pet them!

Duration: About 1 h, safari time about 30 minutes

Note: Minimum group size 2 persons, maximum 8 persons. Available from 15.12.- or when we have enough of snow

Price: 99 €/adult, 45 €/child (2 persons in a sled), 149 €/adult (1 person in a sled)

Please contact office@huskypark.fi and we will make you a reservation.