We're open every day: 11.00-16.00

Husky ride with summer carriage

An unforgettable experience in a summer carriage pulled by huskies!

Come for a husky ride also in summer! Jenga (500 m) and Husky Thrill (1 km) are available when the temperature is under +15 degrees and our main guide finds the weather cool enough for huskies to run. When it is too warm, there is a risk of heat stroke and the huskies should mostly just lie in the shadows. No reservation is needed in advance.

Departures: Daily after the guided tour around 13.00 pm.

Price: 30 €/adult, 15 €/child (4-12 years) (Jenga, 500 m) / 40 €/adult, 25 €/child (Husky Thrill, 1 km)

Note! Entrance fee will be added to this price.