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Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony

Crossing the magical line of Arctic Circle has been considered a great achievement already decades ago.

Nowadays, it’s not only possible to cross the line but to make the experience even more memorable with a genuine Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony.

The ceremony takes place in Kammi, an old Lappish building in Husky Park, where the participants sit around the fire, enjoying a Shaman’s drink, which is a blend of secret, but very Finnish ingredients. The Lapp shaman, who also tells stories about Lapland, arranges the ceremony. Atmosphere of the ceremony is very Lappish and exotic. As a proof, as well as a concrete memory of the Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony, every participant receives the original Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate.

Note! Requires reservation in advance! Please contact office@huskypark.fi

Prices: 350 €/group (max 20 persons) / 400 €/group (21-50 persons) + 4 €/certificate