Only 5 nights till Christmas!

Can you believe it, only five nights and it is Christmas! Time flies. 😍 We already got quite a hustle here and it’s getting busier. However, it is always nice to see many happy tourists smiling in the sled. It really makes our day! We want to thank all of you who have visited us and hopefully we will see you again! It has been so great to be a part of your holiday and make it unforgettable.


Christmas rushes are a little overwhelming, but remember to enjoy this wonderful Christmas time and remember also to relax. πŸŽ„ 🎁 If you are looking for a husky ride, we are offering them non-stop. So no reservation is needed in advance, you can just come in the Park and we will try to get you on the ride as soon as possible. 😊 Either before or after the ride, you have good time to pet our lovely dogs. All our huskies are very friendly and are waiting for you to pet them. We also have one dog at the front yard, either Ariel or Batman, and I bet you will get a great selfie with her/him!