It is getting colder!

The weather is getting colder and it is already feeling a little bit like winter. The ground is already white because of the minus degrees and hopefully we’ll have snow sometime soon! ❄⛄ Because it is quite cold already we have moved the guided tour inside in our Kammi (and old Lappish building), where you can warm up by the open fire while listening the introduction of huskies and Husky Park.


Some puppy news also. The 13 puppies that were born about 2 months ago are getting bigger and bigger. They are not little pups anymore, they are exploring the outdoors and playing with each other. We had our first snow (that already melted away) about two weeks ago, and you should have seen the puppies faces! They were so curious and excited about this new white thingy. 😍 Everything is going great here, hopefully you are having a super day also, wherever you are!!