We are temporarily closed

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We are closing the doors due to coronavirus. In this way, we want to prevent the virus from spreading and act responsibly. The situation is exceptional and we will keep following the situation. We will open the doors again when it’s safe.

Husky Hugging

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Now you have a great chance to meet our lovely puppies! 😍 In Husky Hugging we have plenty of puppies right now and they are all very eager to get to know you. The pups are very playful and sooo adorable and sweet (well, what else would you expect from them?).


So, come and get your daily portion of the lovely puppy smell and tiny kisses from them and I bet your day can’t get any better! The pups can be met in Husky Hugging daily 11-15.00.

Colder days

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The nights are getting colder and for the upcoming nights, the forecast shows even – 20 degrees! ❄ This means that the days should be nice and clear and when it gets dark, remember to watch the sky for some Northern Lights. Also remember to dress up warmly and enjoy the fresh air, maybe in a sled, pulled by our lovely huskies. 😍