Not so warm anymore

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The warm weather did last long enough, at least if we asked the dogs! 😉 Now the temperature has dropped to +15 degrees. However, the dogs love it and they have so much extra energy! Luckily we have a running area, where the dogs can relieve this energy. The running area is a large and fenced yard where dogs are allowed to run and play freely with each other. If only you could see their happy faces! 😍 They are just so adorable!!


Even though the weather is not as sunny as it was last week, we still offer activities as usual. Just wear clothes suitable for the weather and come to enjoy this wonderful, fresh outdoor air! ❤

Jenga is now open!

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Lovely weathers just continue!☀ We are happy to inform you that we are now able to offer rides with our summer carriage. 😊 At the moment we offer Jenga (500 m) after the guided tour around 12.30.

We try to offer this daily, however, we can’t know the weather. If it is too hot for the dogs or if the route is too soft etc.  Husky Thrill (1 km) will be opened as soon as we get the route fixed, hopefully soon. 😊

Summer is here!

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These lovely warm weathers just continue! ☀ Snow melted quickly and the grass is green already! We offer daily the guided tour at 12.00 and Husky Hiking at 14.00, no reservation needed in advance. We’ll start the rides with our summer carriage as soon as possible, the ground just needs to dry some more first.  Besides, it is little too hot for dogs to run at the moment, so we’ll just manage with other activities meanwhile. 😊

During the guided tour you will hear more about our dogs and life in Husky Park. Our guides are also happy to answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask. 😊 The tour takes about 30 minutes, and after that you can stay as long as you like in Husky Park, petting the dogs and taking photos!