Already December

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How the time flies and it is already December! Now you can already start to count the days to Christmas. πŸŽ„πŸŽThe days in Santa Claus Village are getting busier and the dogs are loving it! Siberian Huskies love running and each and every one of them would love to run daily, but somedays they need to get a day off. Our guides take care of this, so that every dog gets a dayoff every now and then, when they can just relax.

Did you know that today is Finnish Independence Day? A very good reason to come for a husky ride, and enjoy the wonderful views of beautiful Finland.

Feels like Autumn

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It feels like autumn and the temperatures have fallen. At night it may already be frosty and the trees have started to turn yellow and red and all the different shades between. πŸ‚ Autumn is really beautiful in Lapland and it’s a good time to be outdoors, admiring the wonderful colors of nature.

The mornings start with training the dogs and they have been very excited about it. Our youngsters have started the training also and they have proven to be natural talents! πŸ˜‰ Both the dogs and the staff will enjoy this upcoming fall and we hope you will, too!

Training is about to begin

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Autumn will soon be here and it’s time to start training our dogs for the upcoming season.πŸ‚ Training starts slowly, first 3-5 km a day. Kilometers increase as the autumn progresses and the running condition of the dogs increases.


The youngsters will also start their training. Approximately one-year olds get to know what it is like to be a sled dog and to work with other dogs. Every dog, from youngsters to experienced sled dogs are waiting for the training to begin, as each one of them loves running from the bottom of their heart.😊

August is almost here

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Hot weather is finally starting to break and cooler air has come instead. Now the temperature is only + 8 degrees, which undeniably feels quite cold after the heat. However, the dogs love this weather and have so much energy now. During the heat, the dogs mostly just slept in the shade, so now there’s plenty of energy to play with other dogs and the caretakers. We can provide Husky Hiking again, as well as the rides with the summer carriage. Dogs are more than excited about this!


Now, this colder episode seems to continue for a while, at least according to the weather forecast. So the rides start every day after the guided tour (around 12.30-13.00) whenever the weather allows. 😊 The guided tour starts at 12.00 and is included in the entrance fee. Put on some warm clothes and come to enjoy the atmosphere of the Park and the fast rides!