The weather is getting colder and the puppies are growing older

Here in Rovaniemi the temperature is -10 °C and in the forecasts promise that it will get even colder! ❄ All the workers and dogs have waited this after the long period of zero temperatures. Our dogs really enjoy the cold, and are wishing for even colder weathers! They really like when the temperature drops to -20 °C, then our routes are in good condition and also our dogs are full of energy! 😊 We are trying to open also the 2 km route as soon as possible, so let’s hope that this temperature stays for a while so that the customers can join also a little bit longer rides!

Our puppies have opened their eyes and are now exploring the new and wonderful world. As soon as the puppies get more strength in their paws then they are able to get themselves out of their house and down the stairs. Gerda is really looking after her daughters and she is really proven to be a good mother for her first puppies. <3 One of the puppies looks just like Gerda and the other two look just like their father. 😊