The highest season has calmed down, and also the dogs have been able to keep some days off. Even the sun is staying in the sky for a while. On the busiest days we have only been able to offer our customers the shortest rides, Jenga and possibly Tiny Quarter. This way we have been trying to guarantee at least some ride for everyone who wants, and also to take care of the dogs’ wellbeing. However, now we are able to offer also Enjoying the Feeling Five to all our customers, except during some occasional crowded hours. πŸ™‚

Our gates are still open daily at 10-16, but if you want to have a ride, please come before 15.00! Sometimes the late afternoons are quiet, and if the dogs can’t run and have to just stand and wait in harnesses a long time, they become restless and start to argue with other dogs – just like teenagers. πŸ˜‰ Therefore we may unharness the dogs a little before closing, save their nerves and let them go wait for dinner and rest in their fences with their friends. πŸ™‚