Come, see and live experiences you’ll remember forever!

The enthusiasm of running dogs, the atmosphere of old days and the exoticism of Lapland. Meet the genuine Siberian Huskies, enjoy the environment and get thrilled by the speed of the sled!


Now we have enough of snow, so the dogs can do what they love!! Our routes are open and the rides are done with the sled. 🙂 Today 18.11. satrting from 17.00 we have Husky Park’s opening of Christmas season, free entry in the Park. Come and see our huskies and join the memorable sled ride. Welcome!! 🙂


Good morning from Husky Park. 🙂 ... Näytä enemmänNäytä vähemmän

1 viikko sitten

Junnu Vainio, Kaj Erkkilä ja 23 muut tykkäävät tästä

Ute ScheerGood morning my noses and hyvää Itsenäisyys-päivää to all two legs noses from Husky Park

1 viikko sitten   ·  3

Sundqvist Ensio Toivo KaleviOh my, an all howling "volfes"...

1 viikko sitten   ·  2

Shareen MohammedThey are waiting for the sunrise 😜

6 päivää sitten   ·  2

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Condition of routes

Jenga – ca. 500 m

The route is open.